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Park Hyatt Tokyo

Photography + Marketing


Occupying the top 14 floors of the 52-story tower in Nishi- Shinjuku, The Park Hyatt Tokyo offerers unrivaled service. Known for its appearance in the cult classic, "Lost In Translation", the Park Hyatt is a Tokyo icon. The Hyatt cuisine has been revered as some of the best in Tokyo and their chefs are trailblazers in Japan's gourmet scene. The hotel offers a unique 180 degree view of the Tokyo Metropolitan area and even stunning views of Mt. Fuji.

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"Tradition can, to be sure, participate in a creation, but it can no longer be creative itself." - Tange Kenzo

Our Involvement

For a shift in the seasonal items of the hotel's Pastry Boutique and to overall boost the hotel's image, we took a series of dazzling photographs, videos for a variety of Social Media channels and wrote and designed a spread for a locally known magazine to boost the hotel's name for local and inbound tourism as the government's Motto Tokyo campaign had just been recently announced and implemented. 


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