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OL x La Cabina Tokyo

Photography + Marketing


Just south of the Sumida River in Tokyo lies a unique triple threat concept that is taking the city by storm. OL formally known as Oslo Brewery and Fuglen Coffee paired up with La Cabina, a celebrated mexican restaurant in the heart of Shibuya that trail blazed the mexican food movement in Japan. Now, at OL x La Cabina, powered by the talented chef Haim Cifuentes, the restaurant brings new life to the dormant neighborhood of Nihonbashi. Offering from original craft beer, an emblematic coffee bar to traditional mexican cuisine.


"La Cabina brings authentic mexican cuisine to Tokyo without it being nor fusion nor pretentious" - Haim Cifuentes

Our Involvement

For the grand opening of the restaurant we were tasked with boosting the restaurants image. Through photography for a variety of Social Media channels and  a magazine spread we were able to boost the restaurant's name, brand and image and brought in new customers to the restaurant. 


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