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Embassy of Mexico in Japan
 City of Sendai, Japan

Public Relations

In honor of Acapulco and Sendai's 50th anniversary, marking the sisterhood between these two cities as the longest one between Mexico and Japan, we prepared "Acapulco: The Diamond of the Pacific" a photo exhibition, focused on the captivating history of the Acapulco bay as well as the first interaction between Mexico and Japan. We hosted a special conference in the city of Sendai, Japan, to showcase the beauty of Acapulco and bring awareness of the importance of Mexico and Japan's bilateral relationship. 


“ Acapulco, carved like a blue stone, when you wake, the ocean waits at your door, iridescent and ebroidered like a conch shell, and between your stones, fish swim like thunder charged from your marine blaze” - Pablo Neruda 

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We worked closely with the Embassy of Mexico in Japan as well as the City of Sendai to shoot the pictures in Acapulco, Mexico, edit them, have them printed and prepare the contents for the conference that was held in Sendai City on October 15th at AU Style. Our founder delivered the conference and held a special Q&A where he answered a variety of questions regarding the bilateral relation between both countries. The event was covered by a local television channel as well as published on a local news paper. 

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