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Mesm Tokyo, Autograph Collection

Photography + Marketing


Mesm Tokyo, Autograph Collection is an urban luxury hotel situated in the special ward of Minato City. The hotel's name is derived from the first four letters of the word 'mesmerize, as the hotel's primary goal is to leave guests with a sense of luxury and authenticity. Due to COVID 19, Mesm struggled to keep movement through the hotel and seeked for a social media & local marketing campaigns for their themed 'teas' as well as a look into the hotel's many special amenities.


“ It is our constant pursuit to create interior spaces that engage sensory perceptions—It is what touches you rather than what you can see.” - Leonard Lee 


By a series of carefully crafted photo and video, we were to capture the unique and carefully crafted environment that Mesm Tokyo has to offer. We published photos, videos and articles onto a multitude of media channels oriented towards the tourism sector. 

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