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Mia Mia x Mayumi Yamase

Photography + Marketing

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Nestled in the cozy and quiet neighborhood of Higashi -Nagasaki in Tokyo's northern ward of Toshima lies Mia Mia, a café that redefines what traditional coffee shops can achieve. Mia Mia is a fusion between a coffee shop and an art gallery by the name of I AM, where artists showcase their talent, skills and craft. Mayumi Yamase, a painter and soft sculptor, known for her Nike shoe collaboration, held a small gallery opening at I AM to celebrate Mia Mia's second anniversary.


In a Shibuya & Nakameguro centric coffee scene, Mia Mia brings new life to the quiet Higashi-Nagasaki neighborhood with great coffee and a unique art gallery.

Our Involvement

For the second anniversary of the coffee shop and the opening of the I Am gallery we were tasked with content creation for social media and web content. Our work was published onto a variety of social media channels where the content garnered and increased engagement on the posts and web pages.


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